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Prenatal Massage

I am not accepting new prenatal clients at this time. I can recommend two therapists listed on my Resources page who are trained in prenatal massage: Bryn Merida (Providence) and Karin Wuenscher (Westerly).

Benefits of Prenatal Massage

The stress-reducing effects of massage are perhaps the most significant benefit for pregnant women and new mothers. Stress during pregnancy can affect the baby, labor, and postnatal conditions of the mother. Pregnancy's effects on the mother's musculoskeletal system are enormous, and massage can aid in decreasing the discomfort and restoring balance. Massage can also increase circulation of blood and lymph, which aids in providing nutrients to tissues, removing toxins, reducing swelling and maintaining a healthy blood pressure.

What to Expect?

We'll go over your health history to make sure massage is appropriate for you and your baby. Every session I will do a pretreatment evaluation checking for pitting edema and the presence of blood clots in the legs, which would contraindicate massage at that time. We'll discuss the best positioning for you at this stage of your pregnancy. I have a number of bolsters and wedges, including the bodyCushion to aid in helping you to find a comfortable, safe position for you and your baby. I use only natural products so you and your baby will not be exposed to harmful chemicals. We'll discuss what you need from your massage, whether it be solely relaxation, or some deeper work in painful areas. I'll use Lymph Drainage Therapy only on your legs and feet to avoid dislodging clots and to aid in relieving fluid retention.

When shouldn't you receive prenatal massage?

If you have any of the following symptoms or conditions, you cannot receive a massage until you have recovered from the illness/condition or until you have spoken with your medical practitioner about the advisability of receiving massage at this time.

  • fever or systemic infection
  • nausea or diarrhea
  • acute vascular inflammation
  • diabetes with complications, coronary disease, renal disease
  • high blood pressure, spike in blood pressure, hypertensive condition
  • bleeding or staining
  • pitting edema, preeclampsia, toxemia, eclampsia
  • preterm labor (between 20-37 weeks)
  • placenta previa, abruptio placentae
  • severe abdominal pain
  • throbbing or migraine headaches
  • decreased fetal movement over last 8-10 hours
  • metastatic cancers
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