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Scar Tissue Release

My training involves a number of techniques for releasing scar tissue, including Lymph Drainage Therapy, Visceral Manipulation, and Myofascial Release Massage. All of these techniques have a different focus and method. Being able to utilize a number of approaches allows me to find the best way for you to release scars in your body.

Why do I need to release scars?

Scar tissue can pinch nerves, restrict circulation of lymph and blood, affect your posture, affect organ function, decrease joint function and decrease mobility.

It's important to understand that scars aren't confined to what you see on the surface. The connective tissue that forms the scar continues to spread and affect tissues far removed from the site of injury. There may not even be a visible scar from injuries or inflammation damage, but adhesions of the tissues can be palpated beneath the surface.

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