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Client Testimonials


Not only is Karen personable, knowledgeable, and professional, she is simply amazing. I had developed a frozen shoulder after biceps surgery, my range of motion was significantly limited, even with ten months of PT. I went to Karen and within weeks I had improvement with my range of motion, 100%. I have continued to benefit from the massage therapy. Karen is amazing.
Ellen Hoxie
Charlestown, RI


"I have known Karen for the past five years and have benefited greatly from her work. I struggle with neck and back issues and lead a very active lifestyle. Karen's massages allow me to continue doing the things I love, while remaining pain free. During her massages, she balances the deep work with relaxation. Karen individually tailors each session to meet one's specific needs. She always presents herself in a professional manner and provides a safe, comfortable, relaxing environment for one to receive the full benefits of her work."
Tracy Jennerwein
Brooklyn, CT


"I so look forward to my sessions with Karen! As soon as I walk toward the entrance through the herb and rock garden, I begin to relax. The treatment room further enhances the mood with the soothing music and beautiful decor. It's almost spa-like, but with a more personal touch. Karen is always professional and personable. Her massage techniques and products (which she makes herself!) are simply awesome. She knows how to find the causes of my discomfort and makes them melt away. I highly recommend Karen to all my friends."
Julie McNeill
North Stonington, CT


"As a massage therapist myself I really appreciate Karen's professionalism. Her office is always very welcoming and she always lets me decide what kind of work I want and leaves me control of the surrounding space (music, light, etc.) She takes her time working on me and she never rushes through a session. I know that every time I come in she will take care of my aches and pains and I will leave her office relaxed and calm. So I can recommend Karen to everyone who likes to enjoy a good massage."
Stefanie P.
Uncasville, CT


Myofascial Release Method

"I have known Karen for the past six years and have been a massage client of Karen's throughout this time. Most recently, I received a myofascial treatment from Karen. The results of this work were amazing! As an exercise enthusiast, it is important to me to get the full benefits of my workout. After my treatment, my cardiovascular endurance was tremendous. I was amazed at how much better I could breathe! I also felt a significant improvement in my energy level. In addition to these benefits, the myofascial work addressed the problem areas in my neck, shoulders, and back. Within minutes of receiving the work, my range of motion was tremendously improved. I would encourage everyone to make Karen's treatments an integral part of their wellness program."
Tracy Jennerwein
Brooklyn, CT

Feel Better...Peform Better...Sleep Better...Think Better...Be Better

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Wellness is so much more than the absence of illness...
It is a path towards a healthy balance in mind, body and spirit.
Regularly receiving bodywork is a fundamental step along that path.

Karen Small
Licensed Massage Therapist
Westerly, RI

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